The White Dragon Armory and Cosplay



The DCU Lineup.

This is the first half of a set created by alexmax

I love the style of all these characters, and how he’s grouped them together.

These are beautiful.

Clay sculpt of crystal formation with silicone mold and initial plastic cast followed by resin cast with intentional cloudiness.

Color Test for Resin cast crystals for Cosplay




Dragon Effect

by ~AndrewRyanArt

oh god dat tali

Pretty sure I have all of these saved, never hurts to double check that.

(Source: geewizzard, via biotic-god-kamikaze)

It is Breast Cancer awareness month this October! As a reminder any of my crochet/knit creations can be purchased in colors of your choice such as pink! They would make great gifts for someone you know fighting breast cancer or for yourself if you are fighting breast cancer or supporting someone who is! Last year I created a leather leaf headdress just for this month so anywhere could look beautiful and support the fight for breast cancer and I lovingly called it Rebel in Pink. This headdress is still up for grabs. Also, I will have a dragon scarf coming soon, first of its kind, and she is pink and proud! My thoughts go to all women and men who are fighting breast cancer, supporting someone who is fighting, beaten breast cancer, or has known and loved someone who has had breast cancer.

This is my very first wig, start to finish. The wig was created for an original cosplay called Sialynn, The Celestial Nymph. The wig was suppose to have a sunset into night sky effect. All wig items were obtained from Arda wigs. I started with two full wigs in Ferrari style in Black and Ultra-violet Redux. I then used curly clips in black, ultra violet redux, raspberry, cherry red (which I hand dyed darker), white - Which is actually the orange one (I had to hand dye it because they didn’t have the orange I wanted), yellow, and silver. I think used curlers, detangling hair product, and a wig comb to style the hair. I then laid lights under the black wig kind of like the stars but you can’t see them too well in the photoshoot. 

All and all for my very first wig I think it turned out super amazing and I can’t wait to weft my next custom wig! Also my first try at styling and hand dying wigs so I had a lot of firsts for this one!

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Galaxy Harlequin Mask with Matching leaves for Upcoming Celestial Nymph Cosplay Headdress. These are hand crafted from leather of my own design and hand painted.

Dragon Scale Hooded Half-Cloak, Hand crafted and crocheted. This pattern was provided by Bonita Patterns and the final creations are for sale at my etsy website. Amazing for winter or costuming! I have some available at my website and I am more then happy to create a custom colored cloak!

Hand Crocheted Yarn Fur Dragon Vulpine Foxtails. Original pattern created by The White Dragon Armory. Want one of your own? These are available or you can request a custom tail at my etsy store!

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Love these Fantasy Leather Leaf Headdresses? Want one of your own? Go to my facebook or etsy and request a custom headdress! Don’t want to wait and love something here? Autumn Changes and Rebel in Pink which was created for Breast Cancer Awareness month are still available!